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Who doesn’t like receiving a red carpet treatment? Imagine yourself at a busy nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip. Thousands of people are standing in the long queues waiting for their turn to get in. Suddenly, you make your entry into the club skipping all lines. A private VIP table is reserved for you and your group near the dance floor. The hottest waitress on the planet is your dedicated cocktail server. We know, it may sound too good to be true, but this is the real VIP treatment that you will receive at nightclubs when you opt for a Las Vegas bottle service. You can make your night out memorable by selecting the right bottle service package.

Benefits of Las Vegas Bottle Service

1) Get the Red Carpet Treatment

You might be wondering that skipping the lines and getting cover fees waived is just for Hollywood celebrities. However, you can also receive this same red carpet treatment with the Las Vegas bottle service. Of course! it is going to cost you more than usual entry. But, it’s worth every penny!

Upon your arrival at the nightclub, a VIP host will escort you to your reserved VIP table. At the table, everything you need will be right at your fingertips. You are going to receive the same attention as given to a celebrity. Along with a beautiful cocktail server, you will also get a security host who will make sure no ‘unwanted guests’ bother you. So, unleash your inner celebrity for an evening by getting the VIP treatment you deserve at least once in a lifetime.

2) Skip the Long Lines

Long lines of people are likely to be seen in front of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas. Lined up like cattle in general admission lines, these are hundreds of people waiting for their turn to get in the club. But, when you opt for a bottle service package, you will be a VIP table customer receiving expedited entry. A VIP host will be there to escort you to your reserved table. It not only helps you to get in faster but will also allow you to party more.

3) Zero Waiting for the Drinks

You will find Las Vegas nightclubs and day clubs very busy on popular weekends and holidays. Getting drinks at such a busy bar is really time-consuming and even frustrating. You can avoid these long lines at the bar by having a VIP table & bottle service.

With Las Vegas bottle service, you can avoid waiting at the bar or getting your cocktails spilled. With various liquors and mixer choices, you will be the one to decide how strong you want the drinks to be. A dedicated cocktail server at the table will ensure your drinks are always fresh.

4) Impress your Friends

At home, you may not appear interesting or adventurous to your friends. But, once you announce you have reserved bottle service, the outlook of your friends may change towards you. Treating your friends to this luxury will give them all a night that will be the topic of discussion for months to come. You will instantly become the favorite of the group.

Are you traveling to Las Vegas for a special event or just a fun celebration weekend? Getting a VIP table and bottle service in the hottest nightclub is a great way to party with your group of friends.

5) Interact with New People

Booking a VIP table or bottle service at Las Vegas nightclub or day club brings you to an exclusive club of VIPs. You can nicely interact with people when you have a nice place to sit and a glass of scotch on hand. If you are a group of guys looking to interact with attractive females, booking a VIP Table & Bottle Service package is a great idea.

The benefits of Las Vegas Bottle Service don’t end here. You will find more pros of bottle service in Las Vegas once you try it.

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