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Before getting on to the rules of the guest list, let us understand what a guest list is and how exactly it works.

What is a Guest List?

A guest list is a feature offered by many clubs that allow free entry (in most cases). People with their names on the guest list must arrive early. They must also dress in line with the dress code of the venue. The guest list can close anytime the club decides, and therefore, entry is not guaranteed.

People on the guest list may receive some preferred treatment over general admission. This preferred treatment can be anything like:

  • Free or reduced entry for women (until a certain time)
  • Reduced entry for guys (until a certain time)
  • Discounted drink tickets (until a certain time, ladies only)

How to get on a guest list in Vegas?

To get your name on the guest list, you can:

  • Get in touch with a VIP host or a promoter that works for the club.
  • Visit the club’s official website to see if they accept guest list reservations.
  • If your accommodation is at the same hotel as the club you want to visit, call your concierge and ask if they can add you.

Las Vegas Nightclub Guest List Rules

1) Show up on Time – Almost all Las Vegas nightclubs have a separate check-in area with their cut-off times for the guest list. Usually, a guest list closes by 11:00 PM. But, that doesn’t mean you can arrive at 10:55 PM and get an immediate entry. Generally, the guest lists are pretty large, and lines can be 150 feet long by 10:30 PM. Therefore, you should arrive at the club at 10:15 PM or 45 minutes before the list closes. Upon your arrival at the club, let them know you are on the guest list under your name. That’s it! DO NOT FORGET to carry your valid ID.

2) Follow the Dress Code – Almost all nightclubs in Las Vegas have their dress codes, and you need to follow them strictly. You can find the dress code on the official website of the club you are going to. A rule of thumb is to dress to impress. The nightclub security can refuse your admission to the club if you arrive with informal clothing or gang apparel. 

3) Don’t Pre-Game Too Hard – If you already consumed a lot of alcohol before coming to the club, you’re not getting in. Mind this!

4) Be Friendly & Respectful – Be friendly and respectful with the staff of the club. Complaining or yelling that the line is taking too long can be bad for you as the security may ask you to leave.

5) Bring a Valid ID – You need to be above 21 years of age and hold a valid ID to get into Las Vegas nightclubs. So, DO NOT FORGET to carry your valid ID while going to a club.

Benefits of Las Vegas Nightclub Guest List

There are several benefits of being on a nightclub guest list. Some of them are:

  • Guest list is usually free or discounted
  • Typically free for girls
  • Enjoy extra perks like an open champagne bar, open vodka bar, etc (usually for girls only)
  • Depending on the club, men can get reduced or free cover charge 
  • Men and women skip the general admission line

Why do clubs have Guest Lists?

That’s a good question! You might be wondering why do clubs let people get in their venue for free when they can make good money with ticket sales?

The answer is – ticket sales are great, but alcohol purchases are the real money maker. To get those bottle sales, they need a crowd at their venues. And offering free entry to the guest list is a fantastic way to incentivize people to come to a club.

Which clubs offer a Guest List?

Almost all nightclubs and day clubs in Las Vegas offer a guest list.

Nightclubs – Chateau, Drai’s, Jewel, Light, Marquee, Omnia, Encore Beach Club at Night, TAO, Eclipse (Daylight), and XS

Day Clubs – Daylight, Drai’s Beach Club, Encore Beach Club, Liquid, Marquee Day Club, TAO Beach, and Wet Republic

When is Guest List available?

Usually, the guest list is available on any day the venue is open. However, you may find guest lists unavailable on holidays & special events. Keep in mind, the venue reserves all rights to change or cancel the guest list at any time.

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