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Almost all Las Vegas nightclubs have a strict dress code for males and females. Whether you are on a guest list or have a bottle service reservation, you need to follow the dress code strictly. The best thing is dress codes of most nightclubs are the same.

At Las Vegas nightclubs, outfits can be a determining factor whether you’ll get entry or whether you’ll be left high and dry outside at the ropes. Las Vegas nightclub dress codes aren’t an exact science, but if you follow the below-mentioned tips, you’ll look good and will have a great night!

In this post, we’ll be covering the ins and outs of what’s allowed and what’s not.

Attire That Never Works

Jerseys, Caps, Sports Hats, Work Boots, Tennis Shoes, Athletic Gear, Athletic Shoes, Baggy Pants, Jordans, Shorts, Sandals, Capris, Beanies, Cut-offs

Attire That Always Works

Collared Shirts, Dress Boots, Suits, Trousers, Sport Coats, Sweaters, Oxfords or Wingtips, On-Trend and Clean Street Shoes, Well-Fitting Jeans without Holes

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code for Women

Women have the most fun when they feel comfortable in the outfit of their choice. If this choice means a short and shimmering cocktail dress with 5-inch stilettos, that’s fine! If stylish jeans with a cute crop top make them more comfortable, that’s great too! The key is to feel comfy and ready for a long, fun-filled night! Just make sure you dress confidently, knowing you will be crossing a big casino to get to the nightclub, probably standing in a queue inside or outside the venue. Also, not to forget you’ll be dancing the entire night in the same attire!

The fun and excitement can come to a shrieking halt if you keep adjusting your mini skirt that keeps riding up or your feet are aching from those new booties. So, to avoid such uncomfortable feelings, wear your version of a cute, hot, or beautiful dress.

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code for Men

All Las Vegas nightclubs require “upscale casual” attire. This term may appear broad and confusing, but a rule of thumb is to wear tight, clean, on-trend clothing. AVOID sports and athletic outfits.

Remember, two guys at the ropes wearing similar attire may receive different reactions from the door staff. DO NOT create a scene or take anything personally because this is how the Las Vegas nightclubs are. The similarly dressed guy who was allowed to get into the club without any issue may be a high-rolling gambler or a friend of the venue staff, or even the club owner. Therefore, these dress code rules can sometimes bend for a few people. Again, it’s nothing personal.

Keep in mind, the dress code in all nightclubs is not the same. So, you should check the dress code on the venue’s website before buying tickets, bottle service, or table reservations. Lastly, it’s up to the door staff whether your attire gets the green light or not. If you end up being held at the door, the first thing you need to do is keep yourself cool and calm. Make a polite and humble request to the door staff to allow you to get into the club. Copping an attitude will get you escorted away from the venue. You may also get banned.

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