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You may find it simple enough to dress for a pool party. You’re good to go in a swimsuit if you are a girl or put on a swim trunk if you are a guy. Unfortunately, things aren’t simple as they seem to be in Vegas. If you want to participate in one of the many epic pool parties in Las Vegas, you must strictly follow the dress code. Alike several upscale nightclubs in Las Vegas, these pool party destinations also require patrons to arrive in proper dress codes.

Beat The Heat with Las Vegas Pool Parties

Ready for some fun in the Vegas sun? A pool party is the best way to beat the heat and keep yourself cool! At Las Vegas pool parties, you will find world-class DJs, obscene displays of champagne showers, and sexiest people partying semi-nude. But, before you go for an exotic pool party in Vegas, you must take care of a few things that are not allowed.

Clothing NOT ALLOWED at Las Vegas Day Clubs

  • Athletic wear- team jerseys
  • Basketball shorts
  • Sweat pants
  • Sweat shorts
  • Tank tops that came in a four-pack (ribbed tanks or undershirts)
  • Jeans

The hottest Vegas pools have a strict dress code requiring guys and girls to look stylish and on-trend. Therefore, before heading to any premier pool venue, make sure you are rocking the right outfit. You can consider wearing beach-themed outfits such as swimsuits, sneakers, sandals, and hats. The security at the entrance of the pool venue will check your attire, and if you fail to follow the required dress code, you are not going in. The security staff may also check your pockets, purses, and backpacks to see if you carry any prohibited items with you.

Items Prohibited at the Days Clubs

  • CBD/ THC vapor pens
  • Marijuana/ edible marijuana products
  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Any illegal substance

Pool Party Dress Code for Guys

When going to a pool party location, you may need to walk sometimes through a casino or resort. And before hitting the pool, you would like to remain fully clothed. A plain or V-necked tee should work for men. Sleeveless tank tops are also acceptable. Keep yourself away from wearing athletic shirts. For the bottoms, it’s better to avoid gym shorts and stick with trendy board shorts (neither too long nor too short). The security at the door will get you turned away if they see you in baggy clothes, a costume with chains, or translucent swimwear.

In footwear, avoid athletic or hard-soled shoes and wear trendy flip-flops. Boating shoes is one of the best and convenient footwear options to sip on because you can quickly pull them off upon reaching the pool.

Pool Party Dress Code for Ladies

Women should cover up themselves while arriving at the pool venues. They can wear a shawl or some swimsuit cover-up. Underneath, wear a well-fitted swimsuit complementing your curves or sport a stylish bikini that makes you look hot. You can consider trending bold colors or patterns. If you are sporting a one-piece suit, prefer the one with ruches or fun cut-outs. Attires with offensive prints and hooks, rivets, or studs are prohibited. Outfits with stings and pasties are off-limits at most beach clubs.

Similar to the Las Vegas nightclub dress code, you will find a slight variation in dress codes of each day club too. While a few day clubs allow women to sport heels, others discourage (or disallow) all types of hard-soled shoes. But, a pair of trendy flat sandals should work at all pool venues. You can also consider stylish wedge sandals with a non-slip sole to make your legs look fantastic. Feel free to choose them in any color that goes with your outfit. All you need to avoid is cheap flip-flops, athletic shoes, or sneakers.

In Vegas, whether it’s a nightclub or a day club, all they want is to dress to impress. And to get that classy and upscale appearance, you can also get hair and makeup. To be on the safer side, you can check the dress code on the official website of the day club you are visiting. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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