With years of business relationships and access to management of nightclubs, Nokturnal Lifestyle offers you VIP bottle service in Las Vegas. With Our Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service, you will receive a red carpet treatment. Without waiting in the long queues outside the club, you will get direct VIP entry in the club. You will get the best tables in the nightclub reserved for you. You will get your choice of liquor, a bottle server, and a variety of drink mixers.

What is Bottle Service?

Commonly known as table service or VIP tables, bottle service is an ultimate Las Vegas clubbing experience. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the club. Bottle service in nightclubs and bars provides reserved seating with the liquor of your choice, desired mixers, and a bottle server.

Benefits of VIP Bottle Service

  • Expedited and complimentary entry through a private VIP lane
  • No table bumping or downgrading
  • No need to buy anything extra to keep your table until the wee hours
  • Unlimited and free mixers of your choice
  • A bottle server to take your bottle orders and pour your drinks
  • Security staff to keep unwanted guests away
  • A busser to keep your table clean, stocked with glasses and ice.

How does it work?

Based on your requirements, a specialist will give you recommendations about what will be best for your group. Next, you will have to select the nightclub, your table, and your choice of liquor. Being a privileged partner of nightclubs, we have access to the best tables of the club. We will then put everything discussed in writing in a contract. At last, a host will be waiting for you outside the nightclub who will walk you in the club with VIP treatment. Before your arrival, he will make all arrangements like making payments, table reservations, etc.

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Average Cost of a Table in Las Vegas

Table prices vary dramatically from club to club. The cost of the same sized table will be more at a bigger club than a smaller one. Other factors impacting the price of a table are group size, location of the table in the club, how busy the club is, what day of the week is, etc. Below are some rough averages of table cost in Las Vegas nightclubs.

Group Size Price
6 Guests $1,200
8 Guests $1,500
10 Guests $2,500
12 Guests $3,000
15+ Guests $5,000+

As said before, these are just rough averages. But, this will help you get an idea about the cost of bottle service in Las Vegas.

Cost of Bottle Service in Las Vegas

The below example is the cost analysis for a group of 6 who bought bottle service.

Item Cost
Cover Charge $0
Alcohol $1,200
Taxes and Gratuity $360
Total Cost $1,560
Total Cost (Per Person) $260

The price tag becomes much more manageable when splitting $1,560 between 6 people. So, the bigger your group is, the less each person will pay.

Cost of Tickets

Buying a ticket is an alternative to the expensive bottle service. You have two options – either buy a pre-sale ticket or pay the cover charge at the nightclub. Pre-sale tickets will always be much cheaper. Depending on the club, the cost of a ticket can range between $20-$75. Usually, the cost of tickets for men is more expensive than for women.

Now, let us take an example to understand the total expenses an individual will be having at a Las Vegas nightclub without opting for bottle service.

Average Cost of Ticket / Cover Charge – $45

Average Cost of Drinks

  • Beers – $10-$15
  • Shots – $15
  • Cocktails – $15-$20
Item Cost
Cover Charge $45
Alcohol (8 Drinks Per Person at $15) $120
Total Cost (Per Person) $165

With the above calculations, you might save money on liquor compared to bottle service, but you will have to end up hours waiting in long lines to get in and at the bar.

The above example shows that the bottle service in Las Vegas is roughly $100 expensive compared to purchasing a ticket. But, this extra spending of $100 is more than worth it for a VIP experience.

Cost of the Guest List

Signing up for a guest list allows you to get into the club for free. Almost all nightclubs in Las Vegas offer a guest list, and you can sign up online in no time. The option of a guest list is to encourage people to get to the venue early. There are some rules of the Guest List that you must follow.

The most important rule of the guest list is RATIO. Women get free entry into the club. But, there must be an even ratio of women (or more women than men) when a group of men wants free entry into the nightclub. Not every club has this ratio restriction, but several have it.

Item Cost
Cover Charge $0
Alcohol (8 Drinks Per Person at $15) $120
Total Cost (Per Person) $120

A guest list is the best way to get into the club for free. All you need to pay is for your drinks at the club. But, when you use the guest list, you lose all the perks associated with bottle service. But, on the other hand, you save a ton of money. When you’re not going with bottle service, a guest list is a better option to get in a club over buying a ticket.


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    Get answers to all questions related to Las Vegas Bottle Service

    When should you purchase Bottle Service?

    We highly recommend purchasing a bottle service if you can comfortably afford it. It will offer a luxurious experience and will be worth the money. Bottle Service is the best option for larger groups as the final bill gets split between the group members.

    Never stretch your budget to purchase a bottle service because the final bill will always be a bit more than your expectation. Also, say NO to bottle service if it requires maxing out your credit card to afford the table. At such times, you can consider cheap bottle service (cost below $500) offered by a few nightclubs in Vegas.

    When should you pass on Bottle Service?

    Bottle Service is not worth it on many occasions. To be specific, avoid bottle service on major holidays like Halloween, New Year, Independence Day, etc. You will find table prices doubled or tripled during these holidays as Las Vegas becomes fully swamped.

    During these holidays, the tickets cost more, and the guest list is also unavailable. Therefore, it’s not just the bottle service getting costly, but everything in Vegas will be expensive.

    How to reserve Bottle Service in Las Vegas?

    To book a bottle service in Las Vegas, you need to contact a VIP Host who works for the nightclub. To handle the bottle service requests, each club has several hosts. If you don’t know any VIP Host, contact us, and we’ll get you bottle service in the club of your choice.

    What’s the cheapest Bottle Service in Vegas?

    Excluding holiday weekends, the cheapest rate of bottle service in Vegas is ONE BOTTLE minimum. Therefore, a party size of up to six guests needs to buy at least one bottle.

    The minimum spend requirement gets higher for the larger party sizes, and they need to buy more bottles. Also, note that the bottle prices vary from club to club.

    Are there Bottle Deals?

    Yes, you will find bottle deals at almost every club. These deals can be like – buy one get one or buy two get one.

    Is my table guaranteed?

    Unfortunately, even with a reservation, table locations aren’t guaranteed. (And anyone who claims for guaranteed tables is not telling you the truth). It is because when you read the terms and conditions of the clubs on their website, you’ll mostly find such a line:

    “Table location or placement is subject to change without notice.”

    Usually, paying in advance (either a deposit or full prepay) considerably increases your chances of getting the table at your preferred location in the club.

    Is there any dress code?

    Pay attention to the Las Vegas nightclub dress code. Each club has its dress code, and you need to follow it to get entry. If you aren’t wearing according to the club’s rules, security may ask you to return to the hotel room and change. And the most annoying thing is to return to the club and stand in line all over again.

    There is Las Vegas pool party dress code too. You can check the dress codes of the club you are going on their website.