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Table service or VIP table, better-called bottle service, is an ultimate way of experiencing and enjoying a club in Las Vegas. If you have a bottle service reservation, you will have a particular place to party in the club. The first thing you can expect from a bottle service reservation at a nightclub is to get a booth with seating and a small table to keep your drinks. At day clubs, on the other hand, you get various table options like daybeds, couches, cabanas, etc. Listed below are a few of the benefits of Las Vegas bottle service.

Benefits of Bottle Service Reservation

  • You will have a table reserved for yourself for the whole night or day, whatever you choose.
  • Expect a faster and complimentary entry into the club.
  • Get unlimited drinks that include juices and tonic water.
  • At your reserved table, you will have a cocktail server to make your drinks, a busser to keep your table free from mess, and a security team to keep you safe from any undesired person.

Although you do not need a bottle service reservation to experience clubbing. But, to appreciate its value and understand its importance, you should know the outcomes of not booking a bottle service. Take a look.

  • Wait in long queues – When entering a club in a general way or even through a guest list entry line, you have to wait in lines for long periods. Even if you are on the guest list of a club, you can get access only to the outside section of the club and not to the main room.
  • Pay for drinks – You will have to pay for drinks at the nightclub if you do not reserve a table. And again, you will have to wait in a long line to reach the bartender. Plus, you would have to pay more bucks even for an average drink.
  • No seating area – Without a bottle service reservation, you cannot find a seating area. Now, standing for long won’t matter if wearing sneakers or flip-flops, but standing while wearing heels can be a task.

Factors influencing the Cost of Bottle Service

You may not know that bottle service is quite affordable. However, the cost may vary from club to club depending on the following:

  • The club itself: The newest clubs in Las Vegas generally offer their bottle services at a higher price.
  • DJ or Artist: The cost of the bottle services also depends on the popularity of a music artist performing in the club. For instance, if Calvin Haris is the DJ, expect to pay a hefty amount for bottle service.
  • The number of people in your group: The cost of bottle service in Las Vegas also depends on the people visiting with you in your group. It will be higher for you if paying for a larger group but can be lesser when you split.

If you want to experience everything that a Las Vegas club offers, you must consider getting bottle service. You can get a table reserved for yourself in your favorite club by hiring this service. Nokturnal Lifestyle Concierge can help you make a bottle service reservation at top clubs in Las Vegas at competitive prices.

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