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If you are visiting Las Vegas with the sheer intention of getting a fabulous club experience, make a bottle service reservation. You can get a high level of comfort and services that you may not get when entering the nightclub in a general way. Although you can get your tables reserved in your favorite club with bottle service, depending on its cost, this kind of service is not always your best option.

Bottle services are becoming very popular among clubgoers. It is because of the various benefits they offer. This article discusses most of the points that one should know to measure the worth of these services.

What exactly is Bottle Service?

Bottle service is a feature offered by most nightclubs in Las Vegas that lets you enjoy a VIP experience. If you buy a bottle service in Las Vegas, you can get your table reserved in a prominent area in the club. You and your group can use this table for the entire night. You also get enough sitting room for your guests. Along with the bottle of your favorite booze, you get a dedicated

  • Beverage Server – To make your drinks for the entire night
  • Busser – To keep your tables clean
  • Bouncer – To keep your tables free from unwanted guests.

How does bottle service work?

When booking bottle service at a club, you and your group will get permission to enter the club. As soon as you arrive at the club, a bottle girl will take you and your group of friends to your reserved table and serve you the drinks of your choice. Along with the free drinks that usually include juices and tonic water, you can also buy additional bottles of alcoholic beverages.

What are the benefits of bottle service?

When it comes to counting on the benefits of Las Vegas bottle service, the first one is the guaranteed entry into the club. This merit is very handy at the hot clubs of Las Vegas, where you cannot get easy access. Secondly, you and your group get a table to chat and relax between dancing. Thirdly, it is a status symbol to get bottle services in a club. And if you get one, you can make a great impression on every other person you meet throughout the evening.

Cost of Bottle Service in Las Vegas

Bottle services at clubs are generally pricey. The cost, however, depends on the type of club, which includes factors like location of the club, club size and embellishment, sound system and other technologies used in the club, and many others like these. The DJ or Performer in the club also affects the cost of bottle services. Bottle services can cost high if some famous DJ or music artist performs. However, the price is often lower for larger groups, and you can also split to reduce individual costs.

Nokturnal Lifestyle Concierge offers you bottle service at some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. We make it very sure that you can plan a memorable night getting a truly VIP experience. Our bottle services are available for different occasions like birthdays, bachelor & bachelorette parties.

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