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The entertainment city of the world, Las Vegas, has become unusually quiet due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, we can see some of the best hotel deals and discounts we have never seen in years. But whether you spend less money or more, all you will want is to be treated like a VIP while in Sin City. To get the most of your money, here we have listed a few tips to consider when booking a room in a Las Vegas hotel. Take a look.

Book a Hotel during the Off-Season

Las Vegas remains busy and overcrowded throughout the year. But, summers and winters due to holidays, festivities, and main events are the busiest of all. Many gamblers from across the world also visit to participate in mega sports events occurring in the city. The late spring season would also have been busier in the city due to expos and trade shows. But because of the pandemic, most of them were canceled or reinforced with an online format. However, early spring and fall are the quietest months in Vegas. Therefore, you can expect to find plenty of empty rooms in good hotels at great prices during the off-season.

Book the Hotel Early

You can expect the prices of Vegas hotels to fluctuate with time. It occurs mainly because of the seasonal events that happen here. You can, and you must make your hotel room reservations earlier and find a discounted rate later. But, make sure to point out your early reservation to the hotel to get the room at cheaper rates. Another thing to keep in mind here is that if you book a hotel room through an online travel site, you may not get it at a lesser rate afterward.

Use $20 trick

A standard hotel room is always satisfactory. But, if you get something upgrade, it will certainly be nice. So, reserve the basic accommodations but enquire for upgrades on reaching the hotel. You can use the $20 trick here and stick a $20 bill between your credit card and your identification while you ask the clerk to help you get a better room. Tip the clerk with $20 if you get the help you ask.

Beware of Hotels’ Parking Charges

Many of the hotels in Las Vegas charge an unreasonable amount for parking. However, the pandemic forced the resort companies to rethink their hotel policies. Many of the big hotels at the Strip have dropped their parking charges to increase the number of visitors. However, many hotels like The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort do not charge for parking. So you must check out the hotel’s website for the latest information before booking a room.

Whether you are looking for a bachelor party hotel or a hotel offering the best adult entertainment in Las Vegas, contact us to help get one providing the best deals. We further ensure that you enjoy a memorable time in the city.

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