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Known as the mecca for nightlife, Las Vegas has some of the best nightclubs in the world. Here, every single night seems like a Saturday night with the top DJs and musical performers. Nightclubs are the venues where celebrities hang out, and every tourist wants to be (including locals). Here, you will also encounter the hottest waitresses on the planet. It’s heaven for people looking for mega adult fun. But, this fun is sometimes the costly one. But, worry not, we’ll share a few tips that will help you to get into these nightclubs without waiting in long lines or buying expensive entry tickets.

Tips to get into Las Vegas Nightclubs for Free

Tip 1 – Arrive Early

When you check in the nightclubs at the least popular time slots, the bouncers might let a few people in for free. So, early arrival is the key when you don’t want to pay. It might not always work, but it works most of the time. So why not give it a try?

Tip 2 – Join the Guest List

A bottle service costs time, and usually, it is the only way group guys get into a nightclub. When on a guest list, try to bring more females than men in the group. Reaching out to the club promoters with such guest lists can help you get more perks.

Note: The guest lists may not be available on holidays or events. Also, make sure you and your group members sign up for a guest list before 9 PM. Typically, the lists close by this time.

Tip 3 – Pay the Basic Cover Charge

Several nightclubs allow the entry of local women for free or at a discount. Here, the women have to pay just the basic club cover charge. Going to a nightclub mid-week and paying the basic cover charge will help you avoid buying expensive tickets.

Tip 4 – Tipping the Doorman

Well, no guarantee tipping the bouncers will always work, but you can give it a try! A group of girls can still slip past the lines with a smile and small tip to the doorman. For a group of four girls, $20-40 should work. This price is still lesser than the cover charge and lets you in (and you skip the lines too).

Tip 5 – Approaching the Club Promoters

You can get in the Las Vegas nightclubs for free when you know the right people. You will often find people approaching you in casinos or while walking the strip. Do not simply ignore them. In Las Vegas, you’ll get on-spot deals. You never know, the guy approaching you is a club promoter who is willing to give you free tickets for free drinks at the lounge or bar or sometimes for their open guest list. Now, being on the promoter’s guest list, you get free entry into the nightclub, and that too by skipping the lines.

Now, you don’t have to wait on the strip for someone to approach you or stroll around the city any longer expecting those encounters. You are living in a digital era. You can find such people on social media platforms (like FacebookTwitterInstagram).

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