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So your best friend has decided to tie the knot and the big day is approaching. Before doing the formal rituals as his best man, you will want him to say goodbye to his bachelor-hood in style. And what could be more stylish than throwing a bachelor party in Las Vegas for him?

As you will have a lot of activities to do in the city, opting for a few for your bachelor’s party can become overwhelming. So in this piece of article, we have gathered a few tips that you must consider to plan out an exquisite bachelor for your best friend.

Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

Choose a Perfect Time for your Trip

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It is always booming with tourists and becomes more crowded during the festive seasons and holidays. So, if you prefer a little space, avoid planning your trip during holiday times. Summers are hot, but you can plan pool parties or club-hopping to escape the day heat.

If you want to enjoy the outdoor activities in the gorgeous city, then you can plan a bachelor party excursion during fall or winter.

Book your Accommodation in Advance

Again, during the peak times of the year and special events, the Sin City of Las Vegas will remain crowded. Therefore it is always better to book your accommodation well in advance as you may not get a room in a good hotel or it may become expensive. If you are a larger group of 15-20 people, you can consider renting a house or villa. It will be more comfortable for each person in the group, and its cost will be less than a hotel.

Arrange Activities that keep your Group Active

Although you can choose a few out of the various activities in Vegas, always remember that the bachelor party you plan is active and not overwhelming for your group. Ensure to schedule those activities in your plan that keep your group entertained while also giving them enough time to rest.

You can select from a range of great activities like visiting famous museums, food tours to taste the special delicacies, viewing the Great Canyon via helicopter, to adult entertainment like visiting strip clubs.

Consider Renting a Party Bus

Since you will need some means of transport in Vegas, hiring a party bus is always better. The main benefit of renting a party bus is that the chauffeur will be familiar with Vegas and will always remain sober even when you drink in a nightclub. Again book a party bus in advance to avoid higher costs.

Recommended Bachelor Party Package

Choosing a pre-designed bachelor party package is a great idea, especially if this is your first trip to Vegas. Below are a few things included in a standard bachelor party package:

  • Party Bus Service for Transportation
  • VIP Table Reservation in Pool Parties.
  • VIP Table Reservation at Nightclubs
  • Quick Entry in Strip Clubs with Table Reservation
  • Dinner with all sorts of Drinks

Plan a bachelor party for the soon-to-be groom! Partner with Nokturnal Lifestyle Concierge to plan a smooth bachelor party. We ensure that you celebrate the bachelorhood of your best pal stress-free and guarantee that he remembers it forever.

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